May today be your day – Good luck!

Gambling is the staking of money or valuable assets/things on an event with the intent to earn more money or valuable things. The result of this type of staking is uncertain, however, people sought after them. It gets the adrenaline rushing as the luck element has the supreme role to play. Gambling, thus, needs three elements to be present: consideration, chance, and prize. Gambling is a pure game of luck. On a good day, one may simply take away big money staking very little. A bad day can turn a millionaire into a pauper. So luck is mighty here.

History Gambling dates back to primordial times. China is known to have betting and gambling houses, where betting on animals as usual. However, the first online casino uk came up in Venice, in 1638, and was called Ridotto.

They say, as far as you can reach back in time, the signs of proof of people gambling will co-exist with the signs of human existence itself. While, in earlier times people put stakes for recreational purpose only, and money was not involved.

Things changed as time passed. Lottery style gaming was also quite popular and continues with the same popularity till date.These days, slot centers, casinos, gambling points are fading in popularity as online gambling has given people more convenience in the comfort of their home.

Of course, dressing up in a lounge suit or an evening gown with diamond accessories, an expensive cigar or a platinum rock on a finger was more of a dramatic beginning to set the scene for an evening of luck and loss. But, that additional jazz required more time and hence online gaming gained popularity.

If you must try your luck

Gambling should be played responsibly and with a conscious mind. Enjoyment goes for a toss, as soon as it crosses a certain limit in this game. You may sure try your luck with some handy tips:


Review well before you choose your gambling operator. There are countless of them around the corner; do a brisk surfing on the net to find out about their experience, reputation, and feedback before starting.


Play with a regulated casino. It is important because such casinos abide by the gambling rules and regulations within its jurisdiction. The players are protected and not cheated upon.


Decide what you want to play. It ranges from poker to craps to roulette and much more. The house/gambling center is sure to benefit, while you lose or win. Hence give them the least edge.


Play with clarity to play for long. Don’t stake everything in one game and sulk having nothing to stake later. Play wisely.


Know the difference between luck and technique. The technique can be learned, but luck can’t be tamed. So, when you are playing games which are based on luck like roulette, don’t jostle much. If it’s your day, it’s your day, if not…better luck next time. If the game is technique based, study the tricks well.


Gambling and drinking socially go hand in hand. You mustn’t have heard of a sober or teetotaler gambler. You need a high to risk your money; however, this shouldn’t be it. While playing in cardrooms, do not be lured by the whole set up of the dim lights, free cocktails, voguish waitresses’ et al.


Practice before you plunge into the table of bigger stakes. A lot of operators and casinos offer free trials to the new ones on board; take advantage of that to check your luck and learn how the tricks work.


Last but not the least, don’t whine if you lose. In many instances, people are seen throwing drinks and pushing tables in an anger gush if they lose. Gambling is a game of luck and luck favors happy-hearted. So, keep your sporty spirits high!


“I love blackjack. But I’m not addicted to gambling. I’m addicted to sitting in a semi circle” is a very famous quote by Mitch Hedberg, so while your hobby is silently turning into an addiction, watch out.

Gambling is no sin. Ensure that you have enough bank balance so that staking doesn’t affect your financial position later. Stake only what you can let go. Gambling is no sin. Ensure that you have enough bank balance so that staking doesn’t affect your financial position later. Stake only what you can let go. Play for fun and play wisely!

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